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Saturday, June 13, 2009

left over 'M's

053 I always feel badly when I don't use a photo for a shoot-out, of course most shouldn't be used - but here are a few left-overs to fill the space while I talk about our trip across country. Marissa and I spent last night just outside of the S. Carolina boarder in Georgia. We stopped in NEWMAN GA and had lunch with Reggie girl and Her Prince. I snagged her away from a very busy day but she was still gracious and amusing. Prince is well a prince. Driving through Atlanta was a..... BEAR.... should have taken about 35 minutes but it took 1 & 1/2 hours, rush hour, rain and accidents.... a conspiracy.

After that experience, I just wasn't able to make it all the way to Greenville, S. Carolina. In Greenville today, we will lunch with one of my older sisters, Judy and her husband, then drive north to Kingsport, taking an easy day and only driving three hours or so. We need to get off these freeways - they all look alike and I've 069taken 'ZERO' photos.

Despite B&B,s show of talent, it is hard to drive and photo at the same time - and rest stops have been singularly boring. We are still on schedule to arrive in Winchester VA after noon on Sunday so I want to drive a few country roads, and take a few pictures.


"M" a Modern Movie house Munchkins a cement Mixer a Maroon truck Mario playing Merengue - a Mexican door - and a Mustang.





DSC_4796  DSC_4769


  1. Great update! And how cool to have lunch with Ms Reggie Girl and Prince!
    Looking forward to more "tales from the road!"

  2. Visit with Reggie ~ cool
    Traffic ~ not so cool.
    Mexican door ~ Way cool, I LOVE it.
    Enjoy your trip.xx♥

  3. Ohhh how wonderful to have had lunch with Reggie Girl and Prince!

  4. How fun to be on the road! Even better if you don't have strict time limits.
    It's so fun to see what people think of for the shoot outs. I'm seeing all kinds of things NOW!
    Enjoy your easy day today!

  5. More great 'M's'.
    I love seeing the pictures of places I've never seen, or been before.
    Have a safe trip.

  6. Neat bunch of pictures. Interesting to see what each comes up with.

  7. I LOVE that you met up with Reggie! Is this the first time you two have met face-to-face???

    Traffic is one of the evils of life that are just unavoidable! Great filler pictures.

  8. Wow, lunch with Reggie Girl! AWESOME! Glad you weren't sidetracked by this week's theme, and keep us updated on your travels!I personally like the door shot the best this week!

  9. It is just so much fun to follow you as you wander around the world...reminds me of an old computer game - Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego. And lunch with Reggie and Prince...what a treat.

  10. Wow, you actually got to meet Reggie Girl and her Prince! How cool is that?

    Something tells me that would be an experience to remember!