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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Things to do in Rio IV : Hidden Gems

IMS - Instituto Moreira Salles, Rua Manqués de São Vicente 476, Gavea (tele 21-3284-7400) 
On Saturday, just wanting to get out of the apartment for a while, Camillo invited me to walk with him to Gavea. "Walk over to Gavea Shopping and take a bus back - to look at a small institute that has a special show of Lasar Segall paintings."
(for more information see http://www.museusegall.org.br/ 
DSC07224 DSC07247
DSC07217 DSC07242
DSC07227 DSC07225
DSC07239 DSC07218
 Walking may not have been our best idea, IMS was about 2 kilometers past Gavea shopping and pretty much straight uphill.   We arrived hot and sweaty and hungry, but we found the institute to be well air conditioned, spotlessly clean, with good bathrooms, a sweet cafe with excellent sandwiches and to top it off it had an excellent show of Segall paintings and sketches that spanned over 30 years of his works. (on loan from private collections and from São Paulo's Lasar Segall Museum)

All of this for FREE. We would have gladly paid for the walk through the well lit interior and its natural gardens. This was one of those gems that are found randomly, by accident in many large cities. Hidden, out of the way, quiet and an absolute joy to see. Lasar Segall

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