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Thursday, January 15, 2009

On the Veranda – Nova Friburgo

We arrived back in Friburgo this afternoon after nearly a month in Rio. The silence here almost hurts your ears. No, maybe it was the noise in Rio that hurts your ears and the silence here is a shock after all the noise. When up here in the mountains we eat breakfast out on the balcony, I cook instead of so much eating out in restaurants, we wear sweaters in the evening, sometimes we put a fire in the fireplace even when it is ‘summer’ and listen to classical music, life is different here. No six year old playing his DRUMS that Santa brought while we are trying to nap. No construction that vibrates through the apartment and leaves dust on everything. Just silence (and the barking of dogs across the valley)

Driving up today included the same problems that we always encounter on Rota 116. I am the only one that drives within 10 miles (above) of the speed ‘limit’. I really think that no Brazilian driver understands that those numbers posted along the road represent the max you are to drive not the minimum. They don’t understand that a double yellow line means ‘it is not safe to pass’. No mater what the risk a Brazilian driver MUST be in front – if I am driving 85 in an 80 they still must pass. They don’t understand that around the next bend in the road will be a large truck lumbering up the steep grades and those cars you just risk your life, and everyone else's, to pass will now want to pass you.


  1. Hi,Very happy to find yr pics of Muri views. Such wonderful afforested hills. I have a friend, I am visiting her later this year, who has removed to Muri. She has retired from UK tho' she is a Brazilian.
    Recently discovered the bird song piano music of Messaien, wonder if it would suit yr. location ?
    regards Peter Moss

  2. have your friend contact me, I would like to meet her. your blog does not allow visits to the profile and then on to your blog - so I wasn't able to visit you. thank you for your comment