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Friday, June 06, 2008

endings and beginnings

Orchids in the Greenhouse. YES!! I finished my monograph and did the presentation. The paper took hundreds of hours and thousands of worn out or out of use - brain cells. BUT I DID IT. I have to admit that I wanted to quit many times and my support team, Rosemary, Camillo and Bebel (advisor) just ignored my groaning and kept saying how great I would feel if I finished. They, of course, were right.
Now we will go to Rome, Venus and Florence for two weeks. My granddaughter, Marissa will join us there. I am really excited about showing this bright, beautiful young woman (12 but definitely a young woman) one of my favorite countries. I will try to put pictures of the trip as we make our way across Italy - try to check on me once in a while to see how the trip is going.

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