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Sunday, January 27, 2008

visiting HOME

I will take a minute to say I am sorry that Rosemary gave up writing on the blog - her humorous entries offset my serious nicely and I will miss it if she doesn't come on and make comments from time to time. Back in the USA!

I've been here for three days and think that today is the worst of the Jet Lag. The first days are always so great to be back that I don't feel any fatigue - but today is bad. Droopy eyes, dragging butt, and lagging spirits.

These are the things I miss when in Brasil.
Marissa - Granddaughter - age 12:
Carl- Grandson - age 17 (18 in April):
Louise a long time friend here celebrating her birthday with ME and her daughter-in-law Lilibeth.
And (but not as much) shopping.
The thing now being featured in BEST BUY is flat panel HDTVs - it was just announced that TV transmission will from now on be in HD format only - my understanding is nil / nada / zip - but it seems if you have an older TV you have to buy a new one or purchase some special 'black box' to convert the transmission or not watch TV the great American Pass-Time. This should help China's and Japan's economy right?  Prices seemed to be good though - 21" flat panel only! US$229.00 to a 42" Sony US$1300.00 - JEEZ! The NEW National personal debt will now be US$GAZILLION after everyone runs out and charges a new flat panel HDTV. Maybe this was Bush's great economic salvation plan.

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